How do I know if I need a roof restoration?

If your roof is looking old and worn out then that’s a great reason to get a roof restoration. You’ll find the results amazing and it will lift the appearance of your entire home. A change in colour is also a reason to get a roof restoration.

Apart from aesthetics, if your roof has damaged or dislodged tiles, or if your roof is a metal roof and you have rusty sheets or sheets that are lifting, these are great reasons to look into getting a roof restoration. A roof restoration will involve carrying repairs that are required to your roof. For more information on what’s involved in a roof restoration, check out our Services Page.

How long does it take to restore my roof?

In most cases, a restoration can be completed in a week or less. We aim to have everything organised so that we can complete your project in one hit, thus minimising disruption to your normal life. Winter is a difficult time for roof restorations because if the roof is wet, then we cannot work on it, more so we cannot paint a wet roof!

Should I get a roof replacement instead of a roof restoration?

Straight up, a roof replacement will cost you a lot more than a roof restoration. There are a couple of main reasons you would get a new roof; firstly if your existing roof is way beyond economical repair and second if you are looking to change the material or appearance of your roof.

Our expert roofers will consult with you on this decision process. All you need to do is book in an inspection.

My roof is leaking, what should I do?

Firstly, if your in the middle of a storm and you have water bucketing in, call your local emergency services. They will come and put a tarp over your roof to protect your home and it’s contents.

If your leak is not that severe, then give contact us and describe the situation. We will offer some help and let you know when we can come and have a look at your roof.

Are your roofers licensed?

Yes. Our roofers are qualified, licensed professionals who must also carry the appropriate registrations and insurances. We will not work with unlicensed roofers.

Is your work guaranteed?

Our specialist roofing experts back their work with a 10 year written guarantee. The guarantee applies to both roof restorations and roof replacements.